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What are advisers talking about on Protection Forum

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Publication date:

26 July 2021

Last updated:

09 September 2021


Protection Guru

 This week, Protection Guru share 6 hot topics that you should read following the forum.

The Protection Forum is a monthly virtual forum that aims to bring visionary advisors and leading providers together to engage in discussion of topical issues surrounding the protection market. This week, Protection Guru share 6 hot topics that you should read following the forum.




What has the pandemic taught us about protection sales?

Our May Protection Forum, which focused on what the pandemic has taught the industry about protection sales, attracted feedback from across the board highlighting how advisers are now working differently.  

We’ve always been telephone based in a way, but with COVID we have changed things by being available for our clients when it’s more suitable for them. We are now able to chat on Instagram, WhatsApp, email or over a quick call, allowing more flexibility.

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Making protection approachable

We had positive feedback following our May Protection Forum focusing on helping mortgage advisers to sell protection products and raising consumer awareness around the importance of protection.

“I’m supportive broadly of the concept of simpler products or straight, three, four, five questions. I remember Zurich came out with something called Face Quote in which you take a picture of yourself, you have a selfie, and then actually it broadly asked you five, six questions and it gave you a quote. And I think it’s valuable for those who are maybe inexperienced or don’t engage too much and like a bit of tech in front of their clients, if it gets those that are not talking about protection to protect clients…”

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Helping mortgage advisers sell more protection

Helping mortgage advisers to sell protection products was a key focus from our Mat Protection Forum.   

“I think the first thing to point out is that actually the regulator has mandated it because you have to talk to all your mortgage customers about mortgage payment protection insurance, even to this day. So you have to highlight that that product is available, and you must talk to your customers about it when they sign up for a mortgage. So that’s already in the system. The problem is, I think that people tend to ignore it…”

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Using claims stats to gain consumer trust

This is the third part of our series recounting discussion from our April Protection Forum. This section focused on how claims stats can be better created and utilized to build consumer trust in insurance claims paying out. 

“If you look back at where we were 10, maybe 15 years ago and the claims stats we had back then, it’s been an integral part of getting both the advice community and providers very conscious of how claims are processed and improving generally the standards of how claims are processed…”

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Adjusting cover

This is the second article recounting the discussion from our April Protection Forum, focusing on cover for house people and adjusting deferred periods. 

“From the perspective of an adviser, there’s a clear need for cover particularly where people are parents and there’s somebody who’s taking the role of houseperson. There is a clear, absolute need for making sure if that person can’t fulfil that role, that actually the family doesn’t suffer dramatically as a result. And it may well be that you’ve got one partner who earns very well and would very happily pay the premium...”

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Making sick pay more flexible

Our April Protection Forum focused on how sick pay and deferment periods can be made more flexible for clients.

“You just want greater flexibility within these products. A client asked me a couple of weeks ago, her sick pay, full sick pay entitlements of her employer goes to something like four weeks in her first year of employment, up to about I think 24 weeks once she’s been there for five years. And every year it improves, and you just want a product that you can vary flexibly…”

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Watch out for future “Everything you need to know” pieces where each week we will cover a different topic and provide you with the information you need to know to discuss the topics with your clients.

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