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Membership is a demonstration of commitment to your profession. Holding a designated qualification confirms you as a professional to your peers, your employers, and — most importantly — your customers.

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The Society of Mortgage Professionals (part of the Chartered Insurance Institute Group) is a community of practice for mortgage professionals that aims to raise the levels of professional knowledge and technical competence, and to assist members in their personal career development at all levels of experience.

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Payment shock, are we over the worst yet?

The doomsday scenario predicted by some as interest rates rose and customers started coming off low interest rate fixes has thankfully not been experienced by most.

From Students to Experts: Why Pursue a Career in UK Mortgage Advice?

Embarking on a career in UK mortgage advice offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards, perfect for young individuals eager to make a meaningful impact on the financial services sector. As a mortgage adviser, you become an indispensable guide for first-time home buyers, property investors, and those looking to move up the property ladder. This profession not only demands a keen understanding of the housing market and financial regulations, but also requires a genuine commitment to helping clients navigate their financial options with confidence.

Consumer Duty: Annual Board report

It is now a requirement for firms to annually document relevant activities associated with Consumer Duty (CD) guidelines. There is no set format, layout, or strict guidance regarding content, but what is clear, is that this must involve a working document and is not a once a year tick box exercise.

Why diversification is good for your (business) health

Recent research claims that the key to gut health lies in diversity: namely, eating 30 or more different types of plant matter every week. That’s a tall order for the two-thirds of British adults who struggle to consume the government-recommended target of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. And frankly, given the number of health studies and the various, and often contradictory, guidance they offer, we can be forgiven for taking this type of advice with a pinch of salt (or low sodium salt substitute).