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Updates on coronavirus (COVID-19)

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FCA provides guidance on maintaining CPD

Regulator outlines ways for financial professionals to keep up with their continuing professional development.

Become the Master of Change – Part three

What’s a “habit”? According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary, a habit is a “settled tendency or practice” or an “automatic reaction to a specific situation”. What about a “routine”? A routine is “regular course of procedure, unvarying performance of certain acts”.

Become the Master of Change – Part two

You will need to have read the first of these articles, about how change affects individuals, to understand some of the things we are going to talk about here - we’ll use the same terms, and refer to the same process.

Covid-19 hubs: Expert insights from across our professional community - 18 May 2020

As part of our dedicated coronavirus hub, we are constantly looking for further insights, updates and interactive sessions from across the sector to keep you informed on our ever-changing profession.