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Updates on coronavirus (COVID-19)

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House price falls gives FTB boost

UK house prices have fallen for a third month in a row, one of the many consequences of COVID-19. Although not welcome news for many it does give an unexpected opportunity to first time buyers and the mortgage industry servicing this demographic.

Q&A session with Gordon Findlay, Technical Specialist, FCA

In the current climate there are many challenges that continue to affect firms and advisers that are active, or specialists in the mortgage market.

The market after the pandemic

There is an increasing amount of research and commentary indicating where the industry might be heading after the pandemic. Understandably, many people across the nation have been focusing on the immediate challenges of the lockdown, and the health and wellbeing of their family and friends. But as the lockdown begins to ease, many people are starting to rebuild and plan for the future.

Navigating a self-build project during a global pandemic

How self-builders are affected during lockdown and how to support them.