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We provide access to Chartered Insurance Institute qualifications and learning-based content for your CPD needs, to help you stay up to date in your career.

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Membership is a demonstration of commitment to your profession. Holding a designated qualification confirms you as a professional to your peers, your employers, and — most importantly — your customers.

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The Society of Mortgage Professionals (part of the Chartered Insurance Institute Group) is a community of practice for mortgage professionals that aims to raise the levels of professional knowledge and technical competence, and to assist members in their personal career development at all levels of experience.

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How to help first-time buyers in a challenging market

When it comes to homeownership, the younger generation are justified in feeling let down and disenfranchised. Our housing system is crying out for meaningful reform. But there is no quick way to fix a nationwide housing crisis, and governments tend to look for short-term measures to paper over the cracks.

Due Diligence – what every adviser needs to know

The importance of accurate Consumer Due Diligence (or Know Your Client – KYC) and the whole range of anti-fraud activities has always been a priority in the mortgage industry, but given the ever more demanding regulatory oversight in our sector, having clear evidence of the steps we have taken to carry out Due Diligence is fundamental these days.

Accessible homeownership in 2024

To continue to meet the expectations and needs of borrowers, it’s important for us to remember and understand the many themes that impact your customers and the housing market.

2023: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

The year of 2023 will be remembered for some time, by the mortgage broking industry. In a year that saw inflation start in January at 10.5%, we saw fixed rates in the sixes and a payment shock that was more horrifying than the latest instalment of a Scream movie.