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Black Lives Matter – Creating better working environments

News article

Publication date:

08 June 2020

Last updated:

26 June 2020


Policy and Public Affairs, Vivien Berryman

How to get more involved in joining a BAME professional network and learning resources on cultural inclusivity.

Racism and social injustice affects everyone. In light of the recent activity over the death of George Floyd who died in police custody in the US, we would like to demonstrate our support to our BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) members by sharing a set of resources we think may be helpful.


Whether you are looking for a network to join, or would like to learn more about how to be a better ally, here is a brief list we have compiled to help provide more information:


  • Afro-Caribbean Insurance Association (ACIA) – Professional network for Afro-Caribbeans in the insurance sector by way of increasing cultural competence in the London market and making the insurance sector a more attractive destination for young black professionals
  • Black History Month – Official website focusing and leading the nationwide celebrations of black history, arts and culture throughout the UK in October
  • Racism at Work  A series of free webinars shining a light on different aspects of racism at work
  • UK Black Pride – Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent


In the spirit of racial equality, the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) Policy and Public Affairs team will be launching an outreach programme to the BAME insurance community to focus on what the CII offers in terms of support for BAME professionals, areas for improvement and what more we can do to celebrate and support their contribution to our profession.

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